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Dr. Woolner and Wife Amber's Cancer Struggle

In 2010 Dr. Woolner’s wife, Amber, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thankfully her cancer is gone, but after conventional treatment and having her thyroid removed, Amber was left with debilitating symptoms. The Woolners bounced around from doctor to doctor, and specialist to specialist, with little to no success. Out of sheer desperation, Dr. Woolner went back to school to learn functional medicine in order to help his wife

Turning Challenges Into Solutions

Fast forward a few years and Amber is thankfully much better. With a master class in trial and error and nearly $150,000 in failed treatments, Dr. Woolner felt compelled to add functional medicine to his clinic. How hard could it be, right? Dr. Woolner now found himself trying to figure out the business aspect of functional medicine. How do you attract new patients? How do you “sell” functional medicine? How do you make it profitable? How do you coach and support these patients? This is a pre-SFM photo of a brainstorming session on how to simplify functional medicine.

Dr. Woolner with Russel Brunson and Gary V.

Dr. Woolner knew that a strong clinical background was not enough. He needed to learn marketing, so he went back to school….again. What he found was that he really enjoyed learning about marketing. Dr. Woolner read all the books, went to all the seminars, and had an opportunity to learn directly from one of the greatest, Russel Brunson of ClickFunnels. Dr. Woolner is now a recognized authority in healthcare marketing, and has had the opportunity to teach his love for new patient acquisition to health care groups all over the world. Who knew that a thyroid issue would lead to this!

Dr. Wells' Childhood

When Dr. Wells was 8 years old, he suddenly developed hives. It was severe enough that he would frequently miss school as the itchy rash would cover most of his body. Not sure what to do, his parents took him to the family doctor. After several allergy tests and blood work, the doctors were stumped as to the cause. So, they put Andrew on 3 different types of antihistamines. The hives went away, but the medication caused extreme drowsiness. So much so, that he was falling behind in school and was put in a class for kids with learning disabilities. Two years later, by accident/miracle, 10 year old Andrew discovered breathwork, energy work, and although he didn't realize it at the time, functional medicine. His hives disappeared. This discovery would have a huge influence on Andrew’s health and future mission to help others struggling with chronic health issues. After graduating in 2012, he opened his first clinic and things were going great, until an accident changed everything…

Can Your Practice Run Without You?

In 2017, the Wells family were hit head on by another driver. With 3 cervical fractures, Andrew was lucky to be alive and started a long road to recovery. Imagine for a moment, what would happen to your business if you had to be away for 6 months, unexpectedly? Would it survive?

Since 2012, Dr. Wells has owned and operated nearly 2 dozen integrated clinics, and has a passion for systemization, operations, and communication. Thankfully, it was these systems that allowed his businesses to keep running while he recovered. One of the greatest joys for Dr. Wells is when he gets to see practice owners go on vacations or spend time off, without their practice closing down or suffering. He absolutely loves teaching practitioners practical business systems that create leverage, without the practice losing its “soul.” Having coached hundreds of healthcare practitioners, he has seen first-hand the transformations when good clinical, communication, and marketing systems are in alignment.

Dr. Green

Dr. Green, or “Dad” as he is lovingly referred to in the SFM community, is the backbone of SFM. He joined SFM after a highly successful career in which he helped lead his clinic group to over $40 million in annual revenue. A master of organization, team building and scaling, Dr. Green brings a wealth of support to our members by helping them focus on quality and consistent growth. If he had a superpower, it would be helping SFM members understand how to make their business grow by running smoothly.

Dr. Green and His Family

Dr. Green lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife and fellow doctor and four young kids. If you ever get the chance to visit the Green house, you will find a couple of things; #1 - there is a lot of laughter and love, #2 - There is a famous “family manual” that sits in the kitchen that outlines their family organization. It may seem funny until you realize how much fun they have doing life together. Dr. Green has the magic of combining his family friendly approach with the tools needed to help you impact more people in your practice.

Our Strategic Partners


The idea for SFM was born after a debate between Dr. Woolner and Wells, that functional medicine didn’t have to be complicated.


The Simplified Functional Medicine Podcast is launched


SFM launches to a warm and excited reception


The first SFM Live, retreat style training in the mountains of Asheville


SFM automates patient/client coaching with a unique teaching and tracking software. SFM members no longer spend endless hours doing frustrating client support calls.


SFM has more than 200 practitioners in 40+ states


SFM’s first client to hit $100K in monthly revenue


The Functional Health Radio podcast with Dr. Krisitin Heishetter is launched


SFM brings advertising in-house…. We create ads for you, we run ads for you, we track ads for you!


SFM provides its members their own ecommerce store. We stock and ship your products for you!


The SFM team launches Applied Function Neurology - bringing life changing protocols for people suffering with brain health conditions


Will you be the next SFM success story??
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