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Your SFM Live Instructors

Dr. Chad Woolner

Dr. Andrew Wells

Dr. Jason Green

The Details

What is SFM Live? SFM (Simplified Functional Medicine) Live is a unique immersive, experiential training event where we show you the exact process for building, launching and scaling a successful functional medicine program. The event is divided into 3 parts: Clinical training and systems, Experiential/Immersive learning, and Marketing & Business systems.

Clinical Training Systems

Learn a comprehensive yet streamlined and simplified approach to helping solve chronic health issues through hands-on training.

Experiential/Immersive Learning

Rather than a series of boring lectures, you'll get to learn through experience the exact protocols, systems and tools used to help patients get amazing results.

Marketing & Business Solutions

Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business and proven systems are the lifeblood of a sustainable model. We'll teach you both of these vital elements.

When & Where Will The Event Be?

SFM Live will be on August 15th-17th, 2024 at Dr. Woolner's clinic in Boise, Idaho

What Do You Get?

You'll receive all the necessary training materials and resources along with the exact protocols we use to help patients struggling with chronic health problems. You'll get hands-on coaching on clinical protocols, day 1 & day 2 protocols, marketing, business systems and patient enrollment strategies. You'll walk away feeling confident and competent having all the skills, tools and resources necessary for helping more patients solve their chronic health issues and adding more revenue to your practice!

How Much Does The Event Cost?

Just $997!

What Do You Really Want?

We want to be clear that this event ISN'T for everyone. We mean that. If you're looking for a deep-dive, heavily academic based approach to functional medicine using countless complex labs and a thick encyclopedic binder full of supplements and protocols then this event likely isn't for you. The question you have to honestly ask yourself is this - What do you REALLY want? Do you want the significance and prestige that comes from knowing a bunch of "complex stuff" in theory...without knowing how to actually implement it?

...OR, do you want to make a greater impact in the lives of your patients, in your community and in the world? Do you want to make a greater financial impact in your business and personal life? Do you want real-world training on systems and protocols that actually get great results for patients? Do you want proven marketing and communication strategies? If IMPACT is what you are really after, then this event is definitely for you. At SFM Live we will provide you with the 3 necessary ingredients for truly making an impact:

Clinical Results

We'll show you how to actually help patients truly transform their health and fix chronic health issues like fatigue, digestive issues, hormone problems, difficulty losing weight depression and anxiety. From real world clinical competency to the communication strategies necessary to persuade and help patients make lasting changes with their health. We'll show you straight from our clinic and SFM doctor run clinics throughout the country what actually works to help patients solve their health problems.


We'll show you the exact methods we use to attract qualified patients into your brick & mortar practice and/or your virtual program. Plus we will take you by the hand to help you plug these exact same marketing systems into your practice. With these proven systems you can rest assured knowing you're eliminating the guesswork.


From the initial consultation, to patient education process, to the sales & enrollment systems we will show you exactly what you need to know and do to effectively and ethically communicate, persuade and help patients to accept your recommendations and change their lives for the better. Our doctors who follow the SFM system enjoy an extremely high enrollment rate above 80%. This means that more than 8 out of 10 patients will choose to pay you to help them fix their health problems!

How Many Spots Available?

Only 25 Spots available in total - AND THEY WILL FILL UP FAST!!! We have given our SFM Members early registration access to the event (so several spots will likely already be filled). This is a highly limited event as we want to maintain an intimate, personalized learning environment. So, if you're serious about building, launching and scaling your own functional medicine program, do not wait, otherwise you will miss out!

Will There Be A Virtual Option?

No. Unfortunately due to the hands-on, experiential nature of the SFM Live event, there is no way for us to provide a virtual option.

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*** Only 25 Spots Available ***
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